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Entrepreneurial Initiatives

India needs entrepreneurs who can trigger economic development through introduction of new products and services and by creating employment opportunities. SKIMT does not rest with creation of budding managers, but kindles entrepreneurial urge in students and nurtures them through several initiatives such as

  • SKIMT Carnival
  • Entrepreneurship Development Lectures
  • Direct Selling Projects

SKIMT Carnival – is an exhibition cum sale of products by SKIMT students either at the Campus or in the central parts of Sivakasi City. Preparation for the event starts well in advance and students in groups decide their marketing mix. SKIMT campus / the Venue of the Carnival comes alive on those days with frenetic activity as students go about displaying their wares and test and develop their marketing skills through experiential learning.

Entrepreneurship Development Lectures – SKIMT enables students to learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs by organizing interaction sessions with them where they share their entrepreneurial ventures and their recipe for success with students.

Direct Selling Projects – Another experiential learning initiative practised by SKIMT for Entrepreneurial development is Direct selling Projects. SKIMT with the support of companies, with which it has MoUs, offers students the opportunity to sell a few of their products to the public and earn a reasonable profit in the process.