Internship Programs are designed to improve the Professional skill of the students of SKIMT. It enables the students to break away from academics into corporate and practice the concept they have learnt in class. MoUs are entered into with various business units to facilitate students of SKIMT to do internship. At SKIMT, students do internship for 30 days during their II & III semester apart from the summer internship stipulated by the university in the curriculam. The list of business units with whom MoUs are made to enable students to do internship :

S.No Name of the Organisation
1 Lovely Offset Printers Pvt Ltd, Sivakasi, Internship at Factory at Boovanathapuram
2 Safire Offset Printers Pvt Ltd,  Ayyanar Colony, Sivakasi
3 VVV & Sons Edible Oils Ltd, Virudhunagar
4 Yentop Manickavel Edible Oils Pvt Ltd, Virudhunagar
5 VPSA Paramasiva Nadar & Group, Thillais Masala, Virudhunagar
6 Vikas Nighties, Nallamangalam, Dalavoipuram
7 Tata Goldplus & Eyeplus / Tanishq
8 Sri Kaliswari Fireworks, Sivakasi
9Raj Exim, Madurai
10Sripathy Papers & Boards Private Limited, Sivakasi

List of students who undergo summer internship training after completion of II semester during June 2018 is given below:

S.NoName of the StudentOrganisation where undergoes internship
1M.DheenathayalSAS Strategies First, Chennai
2A.Surya RajSAS Strategies First, Chennai
3A.KeerthanaBig Bazaar, Chennai
4D.IswaryaBig Bazaar, Chennai
5B.GayathriBig Bazaar, Chennai
6M.MahadeviBig Bazaar, Chennai
7S.SindhujaBig Bazaar, Chennai
8K.VanisriApollo Hospitals, Madurai
9M.KanagalakshmiApollo Hospitals, Madurai
10M.MahalakshmiSarojini Super Market, Sivakasi
11K.Renuga DeviSarojini Super Market, Sivakasi
12M.Pirama Vidhya NayagiFashion World, Sivakasi
13P.MareeswaranArun Ice Creams, Sivakasi
14T.Muthu ManikandanSmile Foods, Sivakasi
15N.Raghu PrasathSmile Foods, Sivakasi
16I.RajarubanSmile Foods, Sivakasi
17C.KartheeswariSivanthi Textiles, Virudhunagar
18K.Muthu KumarAnamalais Toyota, Virudhunagar
19K.Kanjana DeviBig Bazaar, Madurai
20P.ShanmugathaiBig Bazaar, Madurai